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What is will help you locate Notary Signing Agents with the highest qualifications and the unique skills you are seeking. NNA Certified Notary Signing Agents who have successfully passed the NNA’s certification exam and a background screening are listed first. They can be easily identified by the gold “NNA Certified and Background Screened” emblem that appears next to their name.

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Companies looking for additional access to download multi-state entries or our entire database of signing agents should fill out our registration form or contact:

Chris Sturdivant
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About the Directory

Who is listed in

There are two levels of Notary Signing Agents listed in Names are listed randomly within each group.

  • NNA Certified and Background Screened — These top-level Notary Signing Agents have successfully completed the National Notary Association’s Certification program, which includes rigorous training, certification exam and background screening. Just look for the gold emblem next to their name in the listings.
  • Notary Signing Agents — This last grouping contains Notary Signing Agents who have not yet completed the NNA certification exam.

How do I update my profile?

To update your profile on, log in to Under My NNA, click My Signing Agent Profile, where you can edit your profile details.

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Background Screening Information

Why do Notary Signing Agents need to participate in a background screening?

To protect the privacy of borrowers, Congress has developed rules for the handling of private financial information. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act and the resulting Interagency Guidelines require that steps be taken to protect consumer privacy. Lenders have begun to require that title and mortgage document services companies ensure that individuals with access to mortgage documents be background screened. This requirement covers everyone who has access to borrowers' private financial information, including Notaries who act as Signing Agents handling loan document signings.

To learn more, go to
To review the Federal Trade Commission’s directive, click on the link to their Safeguards Rule.

What does the NNA background screening entail?

The NNA’s third-party screening vendor uses a 25-point scorecard system that assigns points for specific criteria, including criminal and motor vehicle violations. Individuals who accumulate 25 points or more will not pass the background screening. This screening follows the SPW standards with the addition of non-moving violations (2 points), which includes no insurance, failure to register vehicle, expired license plates, failure to pay, suspended driver’s license for child support and other violations.

What if I have a pending case?

Scoring for background screenings with pending cases for serious crimes will be held pending final outcome of the case. The screening will be incomplete, and neither a pass nor fail score will be provided. When the case is resolved, the background screening will be completed with a pass or fail score provided.

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NNA Certification Program

Comprehensive NNA Certification Program

The National Notary Association worked with a task force of leading title and mortgage services companies to develop a comprehensive training, certification and background screening solution for Notary Signing Agents. Our enhanced Certification program now includes privacy protection training and background screening (which includes screening for criminal and motor vehicle violations).

The NNA’s program is an all-inclusive, highly professional package that provides everything participants need to be skilled, responsible and marketable Notary Signing Agents:

  • Training in the proper, ethical handling and notarization of loan documents
  • The how-tos of compliance with regulations that require safeguarding of consumer privacy
  • Certification Exam
  • Background Screening
  • Priority-status listing in

Who conducts the NNA background screening and who maintains the records?

Backgrounds Online (Sacramento, CA) performs the background screening and maintains the actual search records.

Does the NNA have background screening details?

No. The NNA does not have access to either the background screening application information or the completed background screening results. Only a pass or fail scoring from Backgrounds Online is provided to the NNA.

How can we verify that our Notary Signing Agents have been NNA Certified and background screened?

The directory indicates the certification and background screening status of each Notary Signing Agent listed, and it is updated daily.

Can our company audit the background screening records of our Notary Signing Agents?

Yes, for audit purposes participating lenders, title services companies and signing services may request a Notary’s background screening details.

What if our company’s Notary Signing Agents have already been background screened by our own vendor?

The NNA background screening program is universally recognized by leading lenders, title service companies and signing services. Several organizations opt to perform independent screenings of Notary Signing Agents, and these results may or may not be acceptable to other firms. The NNA cannot verify independent screenings, and includes only NNA background screening results.

How long is the NNA Notary Signing Agent® Certification valid?

Lenders require a background screening to be no more than one year old. This ensures that Notaries maintain their expertise and that their background screenings are recent.

How can I learn more about the NNA Notary Signing Agent® Certification program?

Go to

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